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Welcome to this website about roads in Ireland!

This site is a collection of information and trivia about the main routes in the Republic of Ireland, with a summary of the road network in Northern Ireland too for reference.

This website is not official, is not a protest site, is the work of a private individual and may be inaccurate.

Map of current national primary routes
A map of national primary roads as of January 2007:
Motorway sections in blue, dual carriageways with light-green on green.

What's new here?

21 Mar 2007: Road Projects: N7 Limerick SRR: Photo journal of works on R526.

25 Feb 2007: Primary Roads: Page on the N6 national primary road.

30 Jan 2007: Road Projects updated.

17 Jan 2007: Primary Roads: Page on the N5 national primary road.

5 Dec 2006: Roads in Detail: Photo journal of lighting on the Childers Road.

26 Nov 2006: Road Projects: Page on the N1 Border to Dundalk.

23 Nov 2006: Primary Roads: Page on the N4 national primary road.

31 Oct 2006: Primary Roads: Page on the N3 national primary road.

28 Oct 2006: Road Projects: Page on the N7 Limerick Southern Ring Road Phase 2. Also a detailed map page.

26 Oct 2006: Primary Roads: Page on the N2 national primary road.

25 Oct 2006: Primary Roads: Page on the N1 national primary road.

Where to start?

If you haven't been here before, check out the Road Classes section. This explains the different types of route in the Republic of Ireland.

The section Primary Roads details for each national primary road (the main roads in the state): the route, details of past upgrades and construction, current projects and planned upgrades. Motorways deals with those sections of road that are of motorway standard.

A catalogue of ongoing Road Projects in the state is also available, collecting together details from the National Roads Authority, county councils and other sources.

Roads in detail encompasses features on various aspects of roads in Ireland. Particular case studies, articles on particular topics, e.g. road signs, will be found here.

Drive into Ulster and you'll encounter a subtly different road network if you cross the border into Northern Ireland. The North is a section with a collection of basic information about the way things work in Northern Ireland (mostly following practice in the rest of the UK, but with its own route numbering system).

Links to useful websites, and pointers to particularly interesting documents about roads in Ireland are contained in Items of Note. News items and road project updates of note will also be detailed here.

How does one give feedback here?

You can email me (zoney) at the server.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

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