Sudoku Deathmatch

Sudoku Deathmatch is a single or multiplayer version of the game Sudoku, a puzzle game involving placing numbers on a board according to certain rules.  For a full explanation, go to   A short explanation is given later on this page. 

In its single player mode, Sudoku Deathmatch is simply a game of Sudoku, where boards are randomly generated. 

In it's multiplayer mode, two or more people compete against each other on the same puzzle, the first to finish being the winner.  There are also hidden "Power Ups" on the board which can be used to make your opponents lives more difficult.  See the ReadMe.txt file for more information.

Sudoku Deathmatch is a Java-based game, and is currently available for Windows only. You must have Java installed before you can run it, which you can get from . It is freely downloadable, so give it a go.  Simply download the Zip, extract it, and run the RunSudoku.bat file.  The ReadMe.txt file that comes with the Zip file contains instructions on how to play.

Download Sudoku Deathmatch -> click here

Any and all feedback is welcome, you can email me at

Rules of Sudoku

To finish a game of Sudoku, you must fill the board completely with numbers.  The game board is divided into sections.  Typically each section is 3x3 squares, with the board being made up of 3x3 sections, giving 81 cells.  However, it can be any size.

Each number within a particular section must be different, and no bigger than the total number of cells in that section.  For example, in a 3x3 section, the numbers 1 to 9 inclusive must be placed in the nine cells, with no number being repeated.  Also, no number can be placed more than once in a given row or column.  If you try to repeat a number in a section, row or column, the cell it clashes with will go red.