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Kadca Badminton Club

ActivMedia Robots - manufacturers of the robots used in my research

Hans Moravec's homepage - one of the leaders in the robotic map building field

Sebastian Thrun's Homepage - another interesting researcher in map building.

Sri International - Artificial Intelligence reasearchers

Rodney Brooks homepage - One of the pioneers of 'new' robotics

David Lee's homepage - author of a very good book on robotic map building, "The Map-Building and Exploration Strategies of a Simple Sonar-Equipped Mobile Robot"

Kurt Konelige's homepage - a researcher with SRI in the field of robotic map building. One of the researchers whose work I have duplicated and improved for my masters.

NEC Research Index - a great source of scientific papers

WorldMineSweeperNetwork - a pretty cool undergraduate project of a robotic simulator.  Includes a simplistic map editor.