Dojo Builder

Dojo Builder is a tool for creating custom builds of the Dojo Ajax Toolkit. It is available as a standalone Eclipse RCP based application for both Windows and Linux, and also as a Perspective for Eclipse via an Update Site.

Dojo is one of the leading Ajax Toolkits for developing rich client applications in the browser. There are many ways in which Dojo can be configured for various environments and needs, however using the standard methods available from Dojo to perform this configuration is quite complex with a steep learning curve. It also requires the installation of other tools such as Subversion and Ant.

The Dojo Builder tool vastly simplifies this process. Some of the features it provides are

Dojo Builder is currently in beta form, and approaching a 1.0 release. It has been tested with 0.4.0, 0.4.1 and the 0.4.2 nightly builds of Dojo.


The only requirement for running Dojo Builder is that Java 5.0 is installed. You can download it from


Dojo Builder is currently not open source, but soon should be. It may or may not be contributed to the Dojo project, depending on whether or not there is a place for it in that project. If not, it'll probably be set up as a solo project on Sourceforge. Long story short, use it all you like.