Dojo/Flickr Image Gallery

I have written an Ajax image gallery built on top of Dojo Ajax Toolkit version 0.4.3. Some of its features include:

Update: If you are using Dojo 1.0 or higher, see the rewritten Image Gallery widgets that I committed to the Dojo Toolkit. Check out my blog post at

The sos.widget.ImageGallery has been written using Dojo version 0.4.3, and should work fine with version 0.4.2 also. I blogged about this here, please comment on that post if you have any feedback - bug reports, additions etc.


It is released as open source under the Academic Free License (see, the same license as Dojo, meaning that you can do pretty much anything you want with the code as long as you leave my copyright statement at the top unmodified.

Screen Shot



You can view the latest source here.

Download the entire custom Dojo namespace here.