About Me

My name is Shane O'Sullivan. I graduated with a Masters of Science in the University of Limerick, Ireland in the field of Mobile Robotics in December 2003, and currently work for as a J2EE/Ajax developer in Dublin, Ireland. I graduated from the University of Limerick Computer Systems degree course in 2001 with first class honours, with my major interest being parser design for Linux. To see my CV in Microsoft Word format, click here, or in Adobe Acrobat PDF, click here.

This website is a place where I bring together my numerous interests, from programming in various languages and working with multiple technologies, to photography, music and robotics.

I also make available a number of applications that I have written. These take many forms, and reflect my interests over the years. These are all free to download and use. Some of them are open source, some are not. If you are interested in the code of anything I have not open sourced, let me know - it's probably more down to laziness or lack of interest from other people that I've not released the code.

You can contact me at shaneosullivan1@gmail.com