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Cairns - Australia, a whole new adventure

So we finally got to Cairns, in spite of airline and visa problems. We were lucky on our flight though, the guy who was sitting next to us was renting a car at Cairns airport for himself and offered us a lift into the city to our hostel, at least that part of the journey would be easy.
It was a bit after lunch when we arrived in Cairns so by time we checked in we didn't really have much time to go on any tour or such. Because of that we just checked-in to our hostel and went for a wander around Cairns to find lunch and generally get information about what to do over the next few days, it didn't help that we were so tired either, from being up at 4:30 am this morning. We did book onto a boat trip out to the Great Barrier reef.

Up early (not as early as yesterday) to be at the marina for 8am to catch our cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef. Most people in the world have heard of the Great Barrier Reef but if you've been hiding under a rock and haven't then click here

For us the trip meant about a 90minute cruise out to the reef area where we moored at Michelmas Cay for our first snorkelling session of the day. The cruise also offered taster sessions of scuba diving. This involved taking a few minutes to explain what to do then bringing you 2m down, back up and down again and then underwater asking if you wanted to pay to continue, talk about catching you while you're vulnerable, I didn't have any interest in diving so it didn't affect me. The boat anchored slilghtly off the Cay, as it's a bird reserve they couldn't moor at the sand island but instead ran a smaller boat to bring you to the beach. From there we spent the next 90minutes snorkelling and chilling on the beach. It was pretty relaxed, you could snorkel for a while and if you got cold you could sit on the beach and warm up again.

When our time was up at Michelmas or people were too cold to continue it was back onto the boat for lunch and to cruise off to another dive location. I've no idea what the next site was called except that it was about 1.5 nautical miles from where we were first. This second site we were told was "not for the faint hearted", why? This time there was no beach we just jumped off the back of the boat and started swimming. We gave it a go anyway. As the water was deeper there was a lot more coral and varieties of fish to see, but I got to the stage after a while of 'there goes another fish'. I'd seen most of the fish at the site after about 45minutes and was getting a bit bored. The biggest problem I had was water coming unto the snorkel because the swell was bigger than I was, a minor issue and I didn't drown. After our 2nd swim it was time to head home to Cairns. A good day and we'd worked up a good appetite.

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