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Blackwater 10k Race

This race was held on the 17th May 09.

To finish a hectic weekend of driving and activity the last thing on the agenda was to run a 10km race. I'd never run a race of any sort before so I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for but "how bad could it be?"

Training had been far from ideal, one guy asked me had I "been doing much miles", my reply was , "oh yeah, I ran 2.5km on Tuesday" I think the shock of that was what caused him to stumble. Prior to that I'd probably gone for a 5km run about 3 weeks ago.

The race started and I faced my biggest problem, how far is 10km? When I run I leave my house and go for a run, I've no idea how far I run, nor do I know what my pace is in terms of mins/km. The upside of this is that ignorance is bliss, the downside was that I started off too slow. I caught up with another runner at 2-3km and got chatting, his goal was about 55mins, I figured that was ok so ran with him. At 5km though I began thinking that he was a bit slow so took off. I would've liked to run under 50minutes but at this stage I knew I had held back for too long and now had too much to make up in the second 5km. Not knowing how long 10km is, I still held back a little bit and when I got to 7km I was still feeling energetic so I upped the pace a little more and still had fuel for a sprint finish (just 'cos it feels good).

How did I do? My final time was 51minutes 28seconds. I'm happy with that but know I can do better. I ran the first 5km in 27:30 and the secnd 5km in 23:58
Now I've got to set a goal for next time.....

About the course, it was through the Rossmore forest park just outside Monaghan town with most of it on forest trail with lots of twists and turns so there was no fear of monotony. As a course I absolutely loved it, running through the forest is so much nicer than running on the roads. Maybe I should try cross country, hmmm.....

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Athy 1-day Canoepolo Competition

This is a new venue for Irish canoepolo and the only thing people are saying is "when will the next comp be"

The pitches were setup on a stretch on the canal that flows through the town so it was nice and central. For the day Jimmy had set up 2 pitches but the venue has the potential for many more. The canal at this point seems to be perfect for polo, the right width and enough structures nearby to facilitate hanging goals if you don't have floating ones. Best of all... there's a coffee shop less than 20m from the endline of one pitch.

It was a 1-day competition but none the less plenty of teams showed up, including the Irish mens and ladies teams and Muppets from div1. If it's good enough for teams of that calibre it's good enough for a full competition.

It was a great day and a super effort by organiser and local Jimmy Byrne.

Follow this link for a few photo's of the day

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Fermanagh Harriers Point-to-Point 2009

As usual the Fermanagh Harriers held their annual point-to-point races at Necarne just outside Enniskillen. It's been a long time since I'd been to horse races of any sort and had never been to this point-to-point meet. Unfortunately conditions weren't ideal, it had rained heavily for a few days prior to the meet and the weather on the day was likely to tempt people to stay indoors instead. In the end though everything went off without a hitch and it turned out to be a historic day for point-to-point racing as jockey Derek O'Connor rode his 100th winner, the first ever point-to-point jockey to do some, you can read a bit about it here . In another noteworthy achievement local trainer David Christie has his 100th winner since moving to his yard at Derryglin.

Of course I was only there to see what photo's I could take so follow this link to see what I took

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