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Interesting Web Traffic

The stats from the traffic coming to this site over the last few days is making me wonder what's so interesting about my life that so many agencies are checking me out.

Maybe the CIA or the FBI are next!

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The Flesk at 0.7m

There'd been a lot of rain in Cork for a few days and hopes were high that rivers would be up. It seems that most of the rain fell in Cork though and the Flesk didn't get much, so by time we got there it was only at 0.7m, low but runnable. The Flesk never fails to disappoint and even though the level was low there was plenty of entertainment and lots of swims. It had been a long time since I was last on the Flesk and it was everybit as good as I had remembered, .9 on the gauge wouldv'e been nice though but you can't have everything I guess.

There's a few photo's here

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