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Hangi in Taupo

After having sold our van so easily it was time to go to Taupo for our going away party, a hangi.
A hangi is a traditionally cooked Maori meal usually only reserved for special occasions, and this was deemed one... our imminent departure.
A hangi is basically where you did a hole in the ground, light a fire throw in the meat , cover it up and wait a few hours until it's cooked and then dig it out and eat it.
If you want to know more then wikipedia here

It was my first time seeing a hangi and the food was great, and the beer was even better. Thanks to all in Taupo for having us for the year you've been great and we'll see you all again sometime.

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We Sold Our Van

A few days after getting back from Samoa we sold our van. We sold it through the Auckland Backpackers Car Market,
I think that if you're looking to buy or sell a backpacker van in Auckland this is the place to go. If you want a car though I think you should shop around at garages and car fairs. It worked out for us so we can't complain, it took us about 4 hours to sell our van. It served us well and carried lots of paddling kit so we were sad to see it go but we need the money to pay for our trip home.

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