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Paddling the Mohaka River

As the title suggests this was a kayaking weekend on the Mohaka river, between Taupo and Napier. We left Auckland on Friday afternoon and only drove to Taupo, this suited us fine as it gave us a chance to catch up with everyone in Rahui St. Up early on Saturday morning to meet for breakfast before travelling the further 80km to the river. Most of us met for breakfast but a few more joined us at the river. The river is a nice grade 2 stretch interspersed with some grade 3 rapids through a gorge. What made this weekend different though was that none of us were in playboats or creekboats but instead we were all in seakayaks or multisport boats, except for me that is... I was in a wildwater racing boat. I hadn't been on moving water in a wwr boat since the world cups last year in Europe so I was a bit wobbly at the start. Once I had the first rapid over with I settled a lot though. This run took us about 1 hour 30minutes as we had a few swimmers and for most of us it was our first trip on the river and for the rest it was the first spin in a long time. We did a further 2 runs that day, I only did one though and it was much quicker and more in race training mode.
That night we stayed in the Mountain View lodge on the banks of the rivers. It was a little pricey I thought but the food was good and there was plenty of it.
No early start on the Sunday morning but we still did a river run. We got on at the lodge and paddled to the same takeout as the previous day. This was about twice the length but provided some extra variety with some new rapids. It was a reasonably quick run, partly because it was so cold and no one wanted to hang about. Also because of the cold less people felt like getting on the water. After 1 run, even less people felt like doing a 2nd run so we just headed back towards Auckland.
The weather was very cold but the paddling and the fun were worth traveling for and for me it was great to be back in a wwr boat. I'd never been on a weekend before where everyone was in longboats and it wasn't a race or a training camp.

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