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The Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine crossing is rated as one of New Zealands top walks. The guidebooks will tell you that it should take between 7 and 9 hours plus allow extra if you're to climb Mt Naraghoe(Mt Doom) or Mt Tongariro. Although climbing to 1987m might not be to everyones liking it is well worth it just for the views and of course to say that you saw Mt Doom for real.

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Post Christmas Part I

Just before New Years we bought a "new" van so our first job post New Years was to sell our old van. Back to the backpackers car market we went to put our Toyota Estima on display. We struck it lucky on our first day and had the van sold within 6 hours, now we could begin working on our new van. Again luck was on our side and many of our friends in Auckland donated plywood, other timber, tools, expertise and workspace. That all meant we didn't have to spend much money kitting out the van. With what bits we could salvage we built a bed, a set of shelves/sideboard, a chest and another shelf to go at the roof of the van. When we had that done we headed from Auckland and off back to Taupo again. Heading back to Taupo we had a mission... the Tongariro Crossing.

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