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Auckland Christmas Polo Competition

Some photo's from the Auckland Christmas Canoepolo competition are now online. Take a look here for them.

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Back to Taupo and up to Northland

It's been a while since the last update so here's a quick overview of what's been happening.
The most important thing has been that we've bought a kayak, a bliss stick huka, now we only need one more boat and some paddles, but we're getting there.

Since the last update we've gone jetboating quite a bit. It all started off with a trip on the Huka Falls jetboat, which we got for the bargain price of only $20 instead of the usual $95. It was worth $20 but I don't think I'd pay $95 for it. That was my first trip in a jet boat but since then I've even spent a full weekend jetboating. Through some friends of ours who happen to own jetboats we spent a full weekend on the Whanganui River jetboating. Whilst down there we stayed at the Bridge to Nowhere Lodge. This is a fantastic place to stay, it's set in a very remote area that can only be reached by river or helicopter. To give an idea of how remote it is, from where we put on the river to the lodge is approximate 80km. The lodge is aptly named after the nearby bridge to nowhere. This is a bridge in the middle of the bush, capable of carrying vehicles but with only a walking track either side. Check here if you want to read more

In addition to enjoying ourselves jetboating we've gone north of Auckland for a few days. We stayed at a town called Matapouri on the East coast of Northland. It's a superb location for seakayaking and snorkelling, both of which we did of course. We went snorkelling at Goat Island Marine Reserve.

This was my first time snorkelling and I'd definately try it again. The variety of fish you see here is huge and they swim so close to people. When we were there, there were a number of school groups but still there were plenty of fish to be see. I'd never seen so many fish so clearly, it's very different to going to an aquarium and looking at them in a tank, a great experience.

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