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Athy 1-day Canoepolo Competition

This is a new venue for Irish canoepolo and the only thing people are saying is "when will the next comp be"

The pitches were setup on a stretch on the canal that flows through the town so it was nice and central. For the day Jimmy had set up 2 pitches but the venue has the potential for many more. The canal at this point seems to be perfect for polo, the right width and enough structures nearby to facilitate hanging goals if you don't have floating ones. Best of all... there's a coffee shop less than 20m from the endline of one pitch.

It was a 1-day competition but none the less plenty of teams showed up, including the Irish mens and ladies teams and Muppets from div1. If it's good enough for teams of that calibre it's good enough for a full competition.

It was a great day and a super effort by organiser and local Jimmy Byrne.

Follow this link for a few photo's of the day

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