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San Francisco

Well, we got a bus from LA to SanFrancisco so not much I can say about looking out a bus window for 6 hours, even less to say when it's dark for half of the time. We got to San Francisco 2 days before thanksgiving so at least we had time to figure where places where before they closed for the biggest holiday of the year.

Day 1, it rained and rained and rained, and rained somemore. It didn't make the city very appealing but nonetheless we persevered and took a quick look through Chinatown and went down to Pier39 and fishermans wharf. By time we got to Fishermans Wharf we were so wet that we didn't really feel much like looking around the place so we just went for tea and cake to cheer ourselves up. Before lunch we made enquiries about the tour to Alcatraz and booked ourselves onto the trip for 9:30am on Saturday morning, hoping that the weather would improve. At least we'd done one important thing for the day, because after lunch we just for a bus home and hung around the hostel for most of the even where it was warm and dry.

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