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Warners Bros Studio Tour

Being in the movie making capital of the world we could pass up the chance of doing a studio tour. We chose the Warner Bros studio. Warner Bros have been synonymous with the movie industry since it first started in Hollywood and still churns out lots of movies, tv series and even cartoons. This is where ER is shot, Friends was made and even The Perfect Storm with George Clooney.

What surprised me about the tour was how much of the same set(s) we see in so many shows and movies but they're totally redecorated so you wouldn't even recognise them. For example, scenes from Spiderman were shot on the same street as The Last Samurai, both of which are just around the corner from the ambulance bay for ER which is a few metres from Central Park in friends.

Amongst the props we got to see were the flying car from the Harry Potter films, the Batmobile and a whole load of costumes from the Harry Potter films but we weren't allowed take pictures of them.

We got to see the set for the series two and a half men starring Charlie Sheen, but no pictures allowed. What struck me about this set was how small it is compared to what you expect from seeing the show.

It was a tour I expected to be good but nowhere near as good or as full of surprises as it was. I did learn never to believe ANYTHING you see on the big screen, the day was as magical as anything Disneyland could throw at you.

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