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Los Angeles and Hollywood

We had 3 days to spend in Los Angeles to see as many celebrities as we could. We arrived in the late afternoon and were pretty tired from the long flight but we tried to fight it.

Our hostel was just off the famous Hollywood Boulevard so was ideally located. The area has an infectious energy and is constantly buzzing with excitement. On the famous street there's the Hollywood walk of fame, where there's paving stones dedicated to the stars. The plaques are for 5 different categories, honouring peoples contribution to film, radio, television, stage or the music industry. With over 1800 plaques it's not surprising that there were a few people I'd never heard of, but Chuck Norris was there so the rest don't matter.

Also to see in LA is the old mexican/Spanish quarters which strangely enough is called the Pueblo Nuevo because it was relcoated when the main bus and train station was built. Maybe it was because it was Sunday but there was a carnival atmosphere around here with lots of families out for the day and plenty of Mexican music and dance. Other areas we visited were Little Tokyo and the obligatory Chinatown, bothn of which we could have done without. Although we did get a huge feed for next to nothing in Little Tokyo.

One of our main reasons for going into the city centre was to find out how we could get to San Francisco in a few days time, that proved unbelievablly difficult to do so we came home again without any further answers. Back to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood (sounds great doesn't it!)

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