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Last Days in Sydney

Back in Sydney we still had a few places to see amongst them were Bondi Beach. Bondi is well known in both Irish and Kiwi circles and the biggest destination for anyone who moves to Sydney. It's so well known in Irish circles that it's been dubbed County Bondi. I'm sure the Kiwi's would refer to it as a region on the island off the coast of NZ :) So what did we think of Bondi? I was surprised how small the beach was, from what I'd seen and heard I had expected the beach to be much larger. The large crowd and the huge number of surfers didn't surprise me in the least though. We didn't hang around too long but were glad that we were now able to say "we came, we saw and we ran anyway". After Bondi we got a bus into town and from there we got the ferry out to Manly Beach.

I'd heard previously how this beach was much quieter and the place where the locals went. It's a totally different beach, several times larger with less crowds or at least a lower density of crowds, the surf wasn't as clean but that's just down to the weather. Another plus for Manly is the bakery just across the road from the ferry terminal; they make excellent chocolate ├ęclairs! Aside from being a nice area the ferry trip out to Manly offers great views of the cityscape, harbour bridge and Opera House from the water.

Our last full day in Sydney and it was going to be a busy one, not to mention having to pack all our stuff. We were going to Darling harbour, 2 reasons; we hadn't been there yet and we had arranged to meet some relations of Clare's. There's not really a lot to see at Darling harbour but it is the kind of place you could sit down and drink coffee all day long and just watch the world go by. I thought it would make an ideal location for a canoepolo pitch, if the water was a bit cleaner. We ended up spending most of the day in Darling harbour and afterwards headed back to the rocks for food and drinks.

Last week we didn't get a chance to properly see the night markets so we made a plan to arrive earlier this week and have a proper look around. The night markets are full of stalls displaying various cottage industry handicrafts. Some great stuff there but much of it was a little pricey. I got the feeling that people put the price up because of the name attached to the markets. Afterwards we continued to enjoy the pubs in the area and caught up with our Kiwi friends Dave and Nic again, this was great because when we left NZ we didn't know when we'd see them again.

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