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Flying to the USA

We'd spent a little over a month in Australia and in that time we'd seen as much as we possibly could and caught up with as many of our friends as we could but it was time to move on. We had a long haul flight to get from Sydney to Los Angeles via a stopover in Nadi(Fiji).

We had previously heard horror stories about checking for USA bound flights at Sydney so we made certain to be at the airport in plenty of time. The stories must be all lies because we were checked in in under 20minutes, so much for it taking several hours.

We still had Los Angeles Airport ahead of us or LAX as it's known. LAX has a reputation for being an absolute nightmare to get through, and that doesn't even include having to get through USA customs and immigration whose personnel have a reputation also. Again we were settling in for the long haul and much to our surprise we had our bags collected and were waiting for our transport in under 45minutes, must be our lucky day. The only hard part was when the man from Immigration asked us where we would be spending thanksgiving, we just replied "when is it?" He got a laugh out of it.

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At 6:23 PM, Blogger Paul Smith said...

Sean, I'd like to use the image of the airplane taking off that you have posted on your page Would that be alright with you?


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