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Blue Mountains

We were all set to get away from Sydney for a few days and it had been suggested that we go out to the Blue Mountains for a few days hillwalking. We were able to purchase a Blue Mountains explorer pass which included the train to get there and back, unlimited use of the trains whilst there and unlimited use of the hop-on-hop-off explorer bus.
The day we arrived we didn’t really plan on doing much walking, just a short walk to the end of Katoomba village to see what was around and to get our bearings, 4½ hours later we arrived home. We had gone to see one of the mountain lookouts at the end of the village then figured on walking the short distance along the clifftop to where the cable car was running from, still feeling energetic we continued from here. Next we went down to the valley floor, this was our mistake for the day because when you go down you usually have to go back up at some stage. In this case there were 1233 steps back up! This time we were super hungry when we arrived home.
Day 2 in the Blue Mountains and we were going to choose a shorter walking route. We got the train from Kotoomba to Blackheath to start our walk. We started our walk from the train station and went to one of the information service centres in the park, from there we did a loop away from the centre and finishing back near the train station, 3½ hours walking in total, and no steps today so much easier than yesterday.
Day 3, our last day and using the train again. We headed in the opposite direction from Kotoomba today, down to the town of Wentworth falls. We mainly followed the Sir Isaac Newton trail and had intended following trails to bring us back to Kotoomba but unfortunately a number of the trails were closed from maintenance so we ended up back-tracking along the same route and getting the train back to Kotoomba, where our bags were in the hostel. The walk still took us 3¼ hours to complete.

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