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On to Hunter Valley and it's vineyards

There isn't really much to see between Tamworth the Hunter Valley wine producing area so it was a day of driving mainly. We stopped to have a look at a mountain known as burning mountain. It sounds impressive, but after seeing so much volcanic activity in the Taupo area I'm now a bit choosier about these things. We walked uphill for about an hour to have a look at some vague wisps of smoke coming out of the ground, not worth it I think. See here for some more information

We just drove on to Hunter Valley after lunch. Last time we did a wine tour in NZ I did the driving but now it was my turn to do the tasting. Clare had the pleasure of watching the wine take effect on me this time, I had fun and she just laughed at me.
We visited 3 wineries in total, McGuigans, Glandore and Mistletoe. Our next call was to Harrigans Irish bar where we knew the manager of the Cellar, Grant Oosterdijk. The problem with knowing the manager is that the wine samples you get are that much bigger than normal, not that it's always a bad thing of course.

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