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Kuranda Rain Forest

We had set today aside to try and sort out some transport so that we could drive south from Cairns. We were hoping to get a campervan but it turned out that we'd have to hang around at least another week before we could get one, when you've only got a month you can't really afford to be wasting a week of your time. We settled on renting a car instead, not ideal but it meant we could be on the road the next morning. We'd expected the sorting of transport to take a whole day so you can imagine how surprised we were to have it all sorted by 10am. What to do for the rest of the day, the tourist office in the hostel told us that there was a tour leaving in 20minutes to go to Kurunda village and the rainforest and that it would collect us at the hostel, "count us in" we said. Twenty minutes later we found ourselves on a bus.

Kurunda is a village up in the mountains surrounded by rainforest, to get there we get a skyline gondola(same as a ski gondola). This is a 7.5km skyline with 2 stops. THe gondola runs above the rainforest and at the two stations you can get out and walk through the rainforest. It sounds a bit like you should be able to wander as you please but there's actually a decked walkway to follow, still though, you do get to see the different plants that make up the ecosystem in a rainforest. In Kurunda village itself is a tourist haven, there's shops of all sorts selling trinkets for tourists and not a lot else. There's a few art galleries too, they're pretty good. After wandering around the village for a few hours it's down the the train station to get the train back down to Cairns. It's an old style train with old wooden carriages and 1920's style decor inside them. The gondola was good but I preffered the train journey. I felt that on the train you saw a lot more as you went through the forest and crossed over some valleys on great big bridges, whereas on the gondola you were above the trees and they all looked the same because you were too far from them. There were much more photo opportunites on the way back to Cairns.

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