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Glen Innes(Stonehenge) and Nymboida

When we left Tenterfield our first stop was Glen Innes, just a few km along the road, where we'd been told about a modern Stonehenge monument. A few years back it seems the locals wanted to attract some tourists to the town so they built s copy of the Stonehenge monument. It's impressive alright but it doesn't seem to draw the same numbers as the real Stonehenge in England.
There's not a lot else to see in the area though so we continued driving towards Grafton in search of nymboida national park and canoe centre. Unfortunately for us the road was closed 97km along the way and the very officious road worker wouldn't tell us a way around and we didn't have a map good enough, all he kept saying was that the department of transport advice is blah blah blah. We had little choice but to wait for a few hours until the road reopened. Once the road reopened we continued on to Nymboida.
We hadn't been paddling for a while now so we were eager to get wet again. We'd been told about the canoe centre at Nymboida. Before the whitewater course at Penrith was built this was the big place for slalom and downriver racing in Australia. It's a simple enough setup, there's a hydro power plant on the river and the river has been slightly modified with various sized boulders being put in the flow to create features. When we were there the water level was very low but we could easily see the potential of the place. We arrived late in the evening so it wasn't worth renting paddling kit so we used their camp cabins for the night. We rented plastic slalom boats for a half-day and ran the course over and over. As it's a short run we could just carry our boats back up to the top and go again. Most of the course is grade II but there's one grade III rapid.
From Nymboida we continued south to Tamworth, our route there took us along another route called 'waterfall way' but we'd had enough water for the day so didn't even bother stopping to look. A few km along the road after leaving the canoe centre we saw the best roadsign ever, it's sign warning of a steep descent ahead but there's a playboat on the roof of the car, clearly doctored by someone with too much time on their hands but it looks cool.

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