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The Drive South Begins

We'd collected our rental car and were ready to get back on the road, I think 3 days in Cairns was enough for us. Our destination for today was Mission Beach, there isn't really a lot to be seen along the coast so we took the inland mountain route. Some of the scenery was stunning as we stopped at various lookout points along the road and joined what is called the 'waterfall way'. This at least gave us something different to look at, there were 3 main 'falls on the route, Milaa Milaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Elinjaa Falls. The 1st and last were by far the most spectacular and we were able to get down below the for a good view, the middle one was down in a gorge and we didn't really get a feel for it's size or power from the viewing platform.

It was late when we arrived in Mission Beach so we had some trouble getting accomodation. We ended up staying in the YHA, hostel, this was a nice hostel in a great setting. It was about 5 miles out of the town way up in the rainforest and aptly named 'The Treehouse'. WHen you looked out from the veranda you were looking out over the rainforest canopy, it was something you'd see on the National Geographic or Discovery channel. Another great thing about the hostel was that they were doing an all you could eat BBQ for $5, little did they know how hungry I was :) That freed up a lot of time for us so we went off to see if we could find a rainforest walk or similiar, and have a look around the town. We went down to the beach and it was good timing, there were a load of tandem parachutists landing. The setting was surreal, you had all these people falling out of the sky as the sun was setting. The tide was high and I'd imaging it was quite nerveracking to be landing on such a narrow strip of sand, maybe only 12m wide.

Enough of watching human rain we went in search of a rainforest walk, as it was getting dark we knew that we'd only manage a short walk so we opted for the Lacy Creek walk, it was supposed to be about 40minutes long, ideal for our timeframe, we had it completed in 20 minutes.

The next morning we were due to go kayaking but turned up early and were told to come back in a while so we went back to Lacy Creek walk but this time for a jog, we jogged it twice in 15minutes!

Now it was time for kayaking, unfortunately they only had sit-on-tops for us but we didn't care because we were happy to go paddling in any craft. This was my first time ever paddling a sit-on-top and I'll admit that it was fun, the sunny weather may have had something to do with that.

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