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We'd stopped off in Brisbane to visit Steff so we might as well see what the city has to offer whilst we are here. People had told us that there wasn't a lot to see/do in Brisbane and they were right. Brisbane is the Capital of Queensland so it was certainly the busiest place in the state and there was a good atmosphere and lots of bars and eateries as you walked around the streets. This good vibe may have been becasue the Melbourne Cup was on at the same time as we were there so there were lots of parties going on. On the South bank there's a public park with gardens with a public pool that takes the form of a beach, complete with sand and a beach lifeguard hut that has a surfski. I can't really workout why they need a ski to patrol a few hundred square metre's of water. The main feature of the city is the river that it's built on, this is a very busy river and is used for various commuter craft to ferry people in and out of the city centre. We'd been told that it also offered the best views of the city so we took a ferry ride from one end of the route to the other and back. When this was done we thought we'd seen enough of Brisbane so we called it a day. I think the city council must be watching what other places around the world are up to because they have a giant ferris wheel that bears a remarkable resemblance to the London Eye.

Day 2 in Brisbane and we went to Wet'n'Wild, this is a water based theme park fulls of pools and waterslides. The weather so far in Oz had been great for us but wouldn't you know it that the day we decide to get wet it was raining! On the plus side it meant that we didn't have to queue for ages to get on any of the rides. We did get cold though so popped back to the changing rooms regularly for a hot shower.


As it was wet'n'cold and there were no queues at the park we were done fairly early so went to see the much famed surfers paradise. Even though it was wet and dull day the place still oozed tacky tourism from every corner. There were shops selling souvenirs everywhere and tacky neon signs on every business. We decided there and then that it wasn't really the place we wanted to hang around for too long, even though the surf was good, but busy even on a wet miserable day. We had a look around for a few hours and went home again. What surprised me about the area was the number of high rise buildings, I'd never really associated Australia with skyscrapers but here there were plenty.

Dinner normally isn't something worth blogging about but we had skippy for dinner, yes we had kangaroo steaks...mmmm ... tasty....

The next day we moved on from Brisbane, but instead of taking the coastal route we headed inland for some adventure.

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