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Australia Zoo

We're all going to the zoo today, zoo today, zoo today... you get the idea.
Today we were visitng Australia Zoo, the animal habitat made famous by Steve "crocodile hunter" Irwin. After seeing so many tv programs about the famous crocodile hunter on television over the years and was looking forward to visiting the zoo. In a lot of ways it's like many other zoo's, they keep a wide range of animals in captivity but making the best efforts to ensure the welfare of the animals is taken care of. What make's it different is that there are lots of native Australian animals that are on the endangered species list.
Although the man who made the zoo famous is now dead his memory lives on and cannot be forgotten by visitors. In fact it's hard to forget him because his image is everywhere. Although the zoo has many animals the biggest show of the day is the crocodile show. This is a great display and information centre about the crocodile and is held daily in a specially constructed arena which by my guess holds about 2000 people. Although it's billed as a crocodile show there's also a large and small birds display and the elephants are brought out to please the crown too.
There's not really a lot to say about today, we wandered about looking at strange looking animals so what can you say?
Here's a few sample pictures from the day, I'll try to put up some more soon.

After the Zoo it was onwards to Brisbane to meet a friend of ours Steff whom we'd first met in Uganda a few years back.

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