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Airline Hassle

Everyone knows that travel by plane can be a whole load of hassle these days but we were hoping for a smooth run. It was our flight from Auckland to Cairns that was the problem this time.
We arrived at check in with lots of time to spare so no worries on us. We arrived to the check in desk and we were told 2 things
1. Theres a problem with your visa's, but don't worry about that

How are we meant to not worry about our visas not being in order, we want to go to Oz.

2. Your bags are too heavy.
We were a mere 3kg each over the limit! Many check-in staff would let it go but not this one, she sent us off to throw stuff out. All either of us did was move stuff from our check-in luggage to our carry-on luggage, there was still the same weight going onto the plane so why did she have to try charging us in the first place!

Back to the visa issue, we got our luggage weighed again and sent on the conveyer this time but the woman was still insisting on our visa's not being in order. Being a little annoyed this stage we insisted that everything was in order and she should check her computer screen again. She obliged and funnily enough everything appeared on the screen just as it should do.

After that I was happy to walk away from the check-in desk and get on a plane, hoping that my luggage would arrive at the far end.

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