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A week in Samoa

The stress(yeah right) of life in NZ was beginning to wear us out so what more could we ask for than a week chilling out and relaxing on a pacific island, we chose Samoa.

This update has been a long time coming so it's going to be brief.
If you want to get away from it all and relax in a beach hut with no internet for a while then Samoa is the place to go. Samoa is made up of two main islands, Upolu and Savaii. Upolu is where the capital Apia is so it's much busier, still really quiet though, just for when you want to get away from it all. We spent the first few days on Upolu. We did a full island tour with a local company so we really got to see all of the island. It's a place where you can swim in the water at pristine white sandy beaches, then go get some coconuts for a drink after lunch and feed leftovers to turtles. All the while enjoying the rainforest scenery and magnificent waterfalls. As well as doing all that we went snorkelling too. How tough life is on a pacific island. The problem with all this acticvity was that the pace was a little rushed :) That's when we decided to drop down another gear, we went to Savaii(other island) for a few days. We thoguh Upolu was slow and easy going, but in comparison to Savaii it's frentic. What did we do on Savaii, more looking at waterfalls but to slow it down we went swimming in the pools at the base, only because we were too lazy to move too far at a time. There's some really cool sea blowholes too, formed over thousands of years as the sea eroded little caves in the ground, at high tide you get something resembling a geyser as the water rushes into the sea cave. Of course we only looked on at this because anything else would be too active for us. Last thing we did on our tour was go swimming with turtles, we had to do something semi active for the day. Swimming with the turtles was amazing, I'd never seen so many turtles up close, it was definately an experience of a lifetime.
Our full island tour of Savaii was so tiring that the next day we slept in and nearly missed breakfast. After breakfast we went for a swim and then back to bed until lunchtime, got up for more food and then back to bed... what a life.

After our day recovering from the tour we felt that we were ready for the hustle and bustle of the main island, Upolu. We got the ferry back but made sure to get a hostel with a swimming pool to laze by. It was nearly dark by time we got to our accomodation so apart from getting dinner we didn't do much.
The next day was a Sunday so we went in search of Papasea. Papasea is a local swimming spot with waterfalls/rocks that you can slide down and into the pool below. Sounds fun... the rocks weren't as smooth as they appeared though and I hurt for quite a while afterwards...ouch. All this swimming and sliding made us very hungry so back into Apia for lunch. Problem, it was Whitesunday and nowhere was open for lunch. We eventually found McDonalds, it turned out to be the only restaurant open on the whole island. After that it was back to our hostel to laze by the pool until our bus collected us and took us to the airport. Back to hectic NZ.

I know there's stuff that I've omitted to mention but I'll tell you about it over a few pints sometime. The picture here shows the view from our beach hut on Savaii, absolute paradise

Here's some more photo's from the week, Clickity click

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