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Taupo to Hawkes Bay

We didn't spend much time in Taupo on this occasion just one night before driving on to the Hawkes bay area. Although we only stayed one night in Taupo we still had time have a look around the area and visit the usual haunts, including Aratitia rapids, huka falls and Spa Park.
Our main reason for going to Hawkes bay was to go hunting with the Hawkes Bay Hunt again. This was a huge meet with many people up from the South Island on a tour joining the hunt for the day. I'm told that it was a good day for a hunt but all I know is that it was absolutely freezing with a bitterly cold Southerly gale blowing cold air in from the Antartic region. I was so cold that we had to defrost the windscreen later that night.
The next day was our other reason for visiting the area, a wine tour. The region is well known for producing top quality wines and there are many vineyards and wineries in the area. We visited 4 wineries on our tour
Mission Estate vineyard
Church road vineyards
Te Mata Vineyard
Black Barn Vineyard

I had a good day, even though I had the pleasure of driving the two wine drinkers around for the day :)

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