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Learning to Ski

A days skiing on Mt Ruapehu sounded like a great idea at the time, small problem... I couldn't ski. Some people may remember my last attempt at skiing, I was more like a wayward missile falling down the mountain. This time was going to be different I could learn to ski.
On the day I got my rental kit and booked myself onto a 2 hour beginners ski lesson. At least the place was busy enough that there were separate adults and kids lessons being run so I didn't have to suffer the humiliation of being outdone by some 4 year old.
I spent the next 2 hours learning the basics, snow plough, how to stop, turn etc. As we were there for a full day I tried to practice everything I'd been taught in the lesson for the rest of the day. Problem is that it was during the school holidays so the place was crowded like a city centre, no obstacles in my way though, only targets to hit, the less 4 four year olds that were there to make me look bad the better so I made it my mission to eliminate them one by one (well not really, cos I wasn't good enough go where I wanted).
Like a lot of beginners I did struggle to stop gracefully so when I saw one kid of about 10 zipping down the mountain I decided to see what way he might stop. What he did was so graceful, he used a queue of about 25 people to stop him and then looked at them as if it was their fault, he completely wiped out about 6 of them and then joined the queue as if nothing happened.

Great day out and I'm already looking forward to going again, whenever that may be.

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