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Karangahake Gorge

It was Susan's last few days in NZ as we left Taupo to begin the journey back to Auckland airport but there was still time for more stuff to do. Between Tauranga and Paeroa on SH2 is the Karangahake gorge. In times past this was a famous goldmining area of New Zealand but now with much of the gold long gone the rail and factory areas have been converted to walking trails of varying lengths. As the weather was good when we were passing we thought it apt that we stop and have a look around. Clare and I had been here before but didn't spend much time here so we were eager to walk some of the trails. We chose the railway tunnel loop, a walk of only about 3.5km but it takes you through the old railway tunnel. Although a short walk it was lunchtime when we finished and thought it a good idea to reheat the leftovers of the previous evenings dinner. I got the camping stove out, lit it and put on the food to heat, then I got a bit of a fright, the local fire service had pulled up beside us. I knew there was a fire ban in the park but I thought this was a bit excessive. As it turned out someone had fallen further up the gorge and the fire service were called, phew! the relief!

After that we were happy to continue on to Auckland airport without further mishap or adventure. It was a bit different having 3 of us in the van for the last 2 weeks but it was good to see parts of the country again, and see some parts for the first time. Back to work again :(

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