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Jumping out a plane?

We're back in Taupo again with a chance to do a parachute jump. This is something that we had certainly intended doing before going home so with 3 of us here now it was a good time.
There are 2 options available a 12000ft or a 15000ft tandem skydive. The difference between the 2 is the freefall time that you have. We chose the higher one with a freefall time of a little over a minute.

The parachute jump is something worth doing but it didn't give me the buzz that I expected, in fact I spent most of the time calmly chatting to my instructor on the way down.

Why do it? The views you get on a clear day are magnificent and it affords you an unhindered view of the countryside that you couldn't get any other way.

Would I do it again? I probably wouldn't do a tandem jump again, but I'd like to do a solo jump sometime, then I'd probably be a lot more nervous.

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