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Jet Boating in Auckland Harbour

How many people get the chance to let rip around Auckland harbour in a jetboat, some locals maybe but definately not many tourists get the chance. It's super cool to get a chance to see the city skyline and surrounds from the water not just from the road like most tourists, and to be driving the boat yourself is the best of all. Now we didn't spend all our time looking around, we had a jet boat capable of over 65km/h and we just had to see what it could do. Conclusion: it can go very very fast and scare the life out of you, and that's only when you're driving. It's worse as a passenger when you don't know what the driver will do next. If truth be told we probably broke one or 2 speed limits but it was an empty section of water and we had a fast boat to play with. When I win then lotto I want a jet boat, or maybe just for next Christmas :)

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