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Cambridge to Hamilton Kayak Race

The weekend of the 14 September was the date for this years Cambridge to Hamilton kayak race. This is the North Islands premier kayaking race covering 23km and open to all craft. Although I knew for months that this race was coming up I still didn't do much training for it, the most I'd done was 2 laps of lake Pupuke, about 9km, quite a bit short of the 23km required. That considered I was more than pleased with my finishing time of 1hour 42 minutes. At the start the lack of training showed and it took me about 20minutes to settle into a rhythm. I started at the same time as the multisport boats and had it in my head that I should keep pace with them, no chance. It never really registered with me how much fast a 6.5 or 7m long multisport boat is that a 4.5m downriver/wildwater racer. Putting all of that in context I was very pleased with my placing but have to wonder how I'd have done in a multisport boat. I was the only paddler in a wwr so I don't really have anything to compare to, but people told me I had a good time so I just have to believe them. Someday I might get back to do the race again and put in some proper training just to see how fast I could go.
Still a great race though, and by coincidence it was on the same weekend as Irelands Liffey Descent so I'd have been paddling even if I was at home.

More info about the race at this link

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