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3 days Skiing

After the fun I had last time learning to ski I was really looking forward to the chance to ski again. The opportunity arose sooner than we expected, we had planned on going skiing in a few weeks time but work was quiet so we got the go ahead(great employer) to take the week off. That was on the Sunday, so Monday afternoon we left Auckland to go to Taupo. On Tuesday we left early to go to Whakapapa ski field on Mt Ruapehu, its about 2 hours to the mountain but it was a really early start.
We got a 3-day midweek deal that included a 2 hour lesson, ski rental and passes. Since the last time my confidence was sky high, I could ski now so the 2 hour lesson was going to be a big help. It might have been a bigger help if I could remember anything from the last time. I spent the first few minutes falling in a heap everytime I tried to turn, but by the end I was getting the hang of it again. With my new found knowledge I spent the rest of the day on the blue slopes getting more and more confident, unfortuntely much of the mountain closed as there were some schools champs being held.

Back to Taupo that night and I'd got a parcel in the post, my new ski pants, now I could style it on the slopes. On Wednesday we met up with 2 Irish friends of Clares who were touring the world and spent the day skiing with them, unfortunately visibily was down to about 10m so again much of the mountain was closed and nobody got to see me styling it. We stayed at a hut by the mountain that night, we had a whole bunkhouse to ourselves and there was a woodfire stove, class!
The next day(our last) on the mountain was a bit overcast to begin with but the cloud burned off quickly and the sun shone for the rest of the day, it was brilliant. All the slopes were open and it wasn't as busy as the previous 2 days. Yesterday afternoon I'd felt things starting to come together with my skiing so today was all about getting as many runs in as possible on as many slopes as possible. The snow was good after some fresh falls overnight and the visibility was unlimited, I couldn't ask for more.

After 3 days and an improved ability I'm all set for another week of snow sometime.

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