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Tamaki River Race

This is a 12km flatwater river estuary race that we somehow got talked into doing... bad idea. The previous week we were asked to take an adventure sport k-2 from work back to a friends house. That was all fine until someone suggested we hold on to the boat for the weekend and enter the race, the entry form was practically filled out for us, leaving us no room to back out and come up with excuses.

It's a while since I'd paddled a distance like that, I think since arriving in NZ the furthest I'd paddled had been about 4km or possibly even no further than the length of a polo pitch :), great preparation! In all, the race went ok and I was happy that we entered. What did annoy me though was that my left shoulder reared it's ugly painful head again. About 4km into the race it started to to seize up, being a race I wanted to keep going, even though a part of me wanted to quit. By the end of the race I struggled to move my neck the muscles in the neck/shoulder were so tense. Most of the pain went away within about 30-40 minutes but it took a few days for the pain to fully recede. Maybe it's time I visited an osteopath again.
Although neither of us had paddled much distance in the last few months, it was nice to know we could still paddle the distance and even better to take 1st place in our class.

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