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Overlander Train to Wellington

We had plenty of time and there was a special off on train fares between Auckland and Wellington, so why not go on a train journey?
This wasn't like any train journey I'd been on, first of all we had to check in. This was more like getting on a plane than a train. Unlike at home where you grab a seat as quick as you can and throw your bags on the overhead shelves, here you go to the luggage carriage and check in, then the conductor will allocate you a seat. We only found this out when we were already sitting down and people started looking for their seats. After this we did go and check in, then when we went to our allocated seats we found 2 other Irish people already sitting in them, so much for seat allocation. Back to the conductor to explain and we were given two more seats, better luck this time.

Although the journey is only about 580km it takes 12 hours, so we were in for the long haul, we had food and drink with us, and books.

Almost all the people on the train were tourists or old age pensioners (both groups of people in no rush). With so many tourists on board the train manager was more like a tour guide, every few minutes she/he would make an announcement about what you could see out the windows. The most spectacular view was probably the view of a snow capped Mt Ruapehu. At the back of the train was a bay window so you could look out and enjoy the scenery, nice idea so I went for a look. I got tired of looking at two unending lines of steel extending towards the horizon fairly quickly.
The 12 hours did eventually pass and we arrived in Wellington at about 7:30pm. We were met by Alan and it was off for some food and drink. The big match weekend had begun in earnest...

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