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Ireland versus The All Blacks

Before coming to New Zealand I had decided that I wanted to see an All Blacks rugby game. What better time to see them than in a game against Ireland. This was my first time going to an international rugby game and not being exactly an expert on rugby I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I was hopeful of an upset by the Irish lads. Things were looking good until half-time with the score still all square. Unfortunately things changed in the second half when Ireland conceded a try. I thought they had a chance when things started looking up again in the last quarter when they brought Peter Stringer on. Unfortunately it was too little too late. I think that he should have been on earlier, but I guess it's easy to win games from the stands. Ireland finished up losing 21-11. Not a bad result some might say. We could of course blame the All Blacks secret weapon... Roy Keane! As part of getting his FIFA coaching licence Keane was spending time on the sideline with the All Blacks.

Half an hour before the game a storm blew in from the south brining cold wind and rain from the Antarctic region. Brian O'Driscolls post-match interview had to be cut short because he couldn't stop shivering! Apparently the temperature on the pitch was only 1deg centigrade. A few hours after the game the storm was gone and the weather was back to normal, not that it mattered as we were still in wet clothes and drinking in the Irish pubs. Given the weather it was a tough game on each team. Afterwards many players said it was the coldest that they had ever played a game in.

In most ways it was like going to any game back home, a few beers before the game, take a break for the game and resume drinking until closing time. Problem in NZ is that closing time is a lot later than at home. In spite of the loss it was a great night out, helped by there being so many Irish pubs packed with Irish supporters. We went to a few other pubs too but they were empty. Jerry Collins (former All Black) even paid a visit to one Irish pub.
With a night like we had it was a good thing we had nothing planned for the next day, and that we were going to fly back to Auckland instead of getting the train again.
All in but the craic was nowhere like the shed at Turners Cross for a City game!!!!

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