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Hunting In Hawkes Bay

After the Hawkes Bay polo competition we hung around the area for a few days so that we could go hunting. We were going to go hunting with the Hawkes Bay Hunt. They are a harrier hunt and hunt in the area around Hawkes Bay. Today they saw several hare but didn't catch any, nothing new there I guess, most hunts never seem to catch anything.
The countryside was very different to at home, instead of hedgerows and stone ditches there was only wire fencing to be jumped. Even to me it didn't look like too much fun compared to at home. However the land was ideal for foot followers like us that day. It was very hilly countryside but we were able to perch ourselves up on the highest hill around and see most of the action, including the many hare that the hounds didn't get a sniff of.
It was a good day out in the fresh air, and a different days activity than what I'm usually used to. I was impressed with the turnout given that it was a weekday hunt, there were about 45-50 people out on horseback and about 15 followers on foot.

From here it was back up to Auckland so that we could fly down to Christchurch for the weekend to play canoepolo...

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