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Flying to Christchurch

We were going to Christchurch for the weekend to play polo and a few weeks back we hit upon the idea of flying down, good idea, but what a day it turned out to be. Dam fog... here's the story
We had planned to get an early flight down to Christchurch and have a look around the city and get some food for the weekend, generally get sorted. Needless to say, it didn't turn out that way. We were booked onto a 09:30 flight from Auckland but there was a very dense fog lying over the airport and surrounding area. The flight was first put back to 10:00am then 10:30 and eventually at about 12:30 we were informed that the flight was cancelled and that everyone should get their bags and go to then service desk, fair enough as there's nothing the airline could do about the weather. We got to the desk to be told that we were already re-booked onto a 09:00 the next morning. Unfortunately Clare's first game was to be at that time. We asked what the options were and were told that there were no available seats that day. Disappointed but needing to get to Christchurch we asked could we go on standby, "sure no problem". Just call back at 17:00 to see what's happening. I asked what our chances of getting out this evening were? And was told "quite good". Of course I remained polite and cheerful all the time, it certainly helped. We called back at 17:00 to be told call back again as the incoming flight was delayed and no decisions would be made until the flight had landed, fair enough, but we did ask where on the standby list we were, numbers 1 and 2 we were told... sweet. We called back later on, this time we were told to wait a few minutes and we'd know our fate. Sure enough, in a few minutes time we were given our boarding passes. We glanced at the information board, it told us that our flight was boarding so it was time to put on the running shoes. We ran to the boarding gate, only to find that they were still unloading the incoming plane, more delays but at least we were checked in this time and there was no fog on the ground. We eventually took off at about 20:00, only a half day late.
In Christchurch we had intended getting a bus into town and then a bus out to New Brighton to Arno but it was so late we just settled on a taxi instead.

Well done to Pacific blue, they looked after us that day and their customer service was excellent. I look forward to flying with them again
Interestingly we did see one couple at the check in desk who were arguing a little with the woman behind the desk, we didn't see them on the flight that evening...

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