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Christchurch A-grade national league Comp

This was the second A-grade polo competition in the national league. It was held in the QEII leisure complex in Christchurch. Like all the other competitions the days were long with not a lot of time between games to go off and get food and rest, not an ideal scenario.
The mens grade was won again by Justice(Burnside canoe club) with Expose(Wairapa Paddlers Inc) taking 2nd place. Kaos from Auckland dropped a few places this time and took 7th place.
In the womens competition Nemesis Red and Nemesis Blue (Burnside Canoe Club) took the top spots again. The Auckland women's team remained consistent in 6th place again.
No doubt the travel hassles of Friday took it's toll on all the Auckland players.
All that's left now is the National League Finals in Wellington.

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