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Hawkes Bay Polo competition

Time for round 2 of the B-grade national league polo competition. This time the event was taking place in Hastings, in the Hawkes bay area. The venue was the pool in Flaxmere. The pool was ok but not the ideal size for a polo pitch, it was a bit short and narrow, with teams talking of shooting from their own goal line if the opposition goal was empty! Someone even passed the joke that the 6m lines were overlapping!
After starting off so well the previous weekend we were a little disappointed with the results of Saturday's games but it did take us a while to gel as a unit, we were playing with 7 players instead of 5 as in the previous competition. This time we played well on the Sunday instead, and still improved our ranking.
There's 2 Auckland Canoe Polo B-grade teams and this weekend we were in the same group so we got to play each other, great fun! The idea was to have 2 evenly matched teams and sure enough the game between us was a draw. Well matched I think.
We (Hammerheads) finished in 7th position and Mako finished in 6th position, an improvement for both teams.

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