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Beginners weekend on the Rangitiki

This was our first river paddling weekend in quite a while. Basically it was a beginners river weekend with almost all people being complete novices. The paddling part of the weekend consisted of 2 runs on the Anawhenua Power station section of the Rangitiki river and one on the slightly more difficult mid-section. The Anawhenua section is dam controlled so the water levels are more reliable. We ran this section once on Saturday and once on Sunday. The get on for this was a little tricky, it was at the bottom of a very steep embankment beside the powerstation wall, we ended up lowering all the boats down on a rope and getting in at a rocky outcrop. The picture should explain I hope.
There must be something in paddlers blood all over the world that makes them have spaghetti Bolognese for dinner on paddling weekends! This was no exception with almost 20 people all helping to cook dinner on gas camping cookers. Amazingly chaos didn't ensue and the dinner was tasty. It may have helped that it was washed down with plenty of wine and beer or whatever people were drinking (no water though!!)
Sunday morning was a bit slow getting going, due to the night before but we still managed 2 river runs, including the mid-section of the Rangitiki in the afternoon. We'd been told that this was a nice fun continuous grade III section, unfortunately for us there was no water but I could easily recognise that with water this would be a fantastic run. As it was it was still a fun run with some pourovers to play in and plenty eddylines to mess in. I definitely hope to get back to the area during the winter when there might be some rain falling. Hopefully I'll get on the Anawhenua section in a race boat and get enough water on the mid-section to have lots of fun in a playboat.

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