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Back on the North Island

We've finally seen most of New Zealand and were making our way back up to Auckland where we'd some work arranged. First stop was Wellington, not much choice really as that's where the ferry docks. Once again we'd arranged to stay with our friend Alan, now that he'd been in Wellington for a few days we were hoping that he'd be settled in to his new place well enough to let us stay on his floor. Sure enough not a problem. He was out to work early in morning so that meant we were out early too, suited us fine. We'd been in Wellington already but hadn't paid a visit to the museum so we took this opportunity to have a look. In many ways it a lot like most other museums we've seen i.e. lots of old stuff. There was a very good exhibition about the volcanic and geothermal activity in New Zealand and how the movement Also of interest was a motorcycle built by Mark Brittan in his back yard and used to win numerous races around then world. The museum took us most of the morning before we started driving north.
Enroute to Taupo we did a slight detour to have a look at the whitewater park, The course is small and basic but all in it's a nice setup which I think could be replicated quite cheaply at home. The course is built just a few metres downstream of a hydroelectric power plant and utilises any water being released from the dam. To turn it into a slalom/whitewater park all that seems to have been done is that some boulders were placed in the river to creat obstacles and some steps were built to facilitate people getting in and out of then water. I don't see any real reason why a similar setup couldn't be built at home in Ireland, perhaps at leixlip, Inniscarra or Ardnacrusha? We were pretty tired so didn't bother paddling but may try to get back there sometime, maybe in a slalom boat.

After this detour it was onwards to Taupo, late by time we got there but it was good to meet up with friends again.

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