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Auckland A-grade polo competition

Due to the national league being held at indoor venues here and the numbers of teams that enter it results in A-grade and B-grade competitions being held on different weekends. This weekend the first A-grade competition was being held, at Henderson leisure centre in South Auckland. There were 8 teams playing, much like at home. I don't think the standard was too much different to at home either. The biggest difference is that there was a separate womens A-grade league with 5 teams. It great that there's enough numbers to have both a womens A-grade and B-grade league. In addition to those numbers there's also womens players playing on many of the teams in the A and B open divisions.
The womens A-team, Anarchy was made up of Clare, Vish, the two Mels, Toni and Phoebe.
The ACP mens team were playing too and consisted of Paul, Marty, Cam, Dave Isaacs, Fuzzy and Peter.
The ladies team ended up 6th and the mens team finished a surprising 3rd. Well done to both teams.

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