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Murchison to Dunedin

Another of my irregular updates, since the Bullerfest in Murchison we've spent our time touring the East coast of the South Island. From Murchison we headed back over the Lewis pass to Christchurch, we had hoped to make Christchurch that night but it was pretty late when we left Murchison so we settled on stopping in Hanmer for the night. A convenient excuse to go to the hot pools there. Hanmers springs is basically a town that has grown up around some hot springs and is almost 100% dependent on tourism. Given that we were feeling a bit tired and the weather was rubbish we decided to treat ourselves to a few hours in the hot springs []. It was a great feeling to sit in the rain in a hot , circa 37degrees, swimming pool. The biggest downside was having to walk back to the van in the rain L. A lot of people had told us that it wasn't worth paying $12 to enter the pools but I think it was, again given the cold and wet weather it was well worth it in my opinion.

We got as far as Christchurch the following day but as we were headed for Dunedin we only stopped off to do a big food restock and kept heading South. We got as far as Timaru this time. To be honest there wasn't much to see between Christchurch and Timaru. Timaru is a quite town in the evenings with not a lot happening. We went for a drive around the town just to pass the time and see what might be happening with nothing happening we ended up going to the Cinema. That was as quiet as the rest of the town, we went to see the George Clooney film 'Michael Clayton' and we were the only 2 people in the cinema, talk about a private viewing!, and cheaper than putting a big screen in your house.

Between Timaru and Dunedin there's plenty of scenery to see and there's a scenic route that runs along the coast instead of travelling the main road. Most of the tourist stuff along the way is scenery but we did see some strange rocks in the sea at Moeraki. The moeraki rocks are some large boulders that have been uncovered as the sea has eroded the surrounding land, what makes them unusual is that they're all spherical in shape [].

Eventually we made it to Dunedin but weren't in too much of a mood for doing the whole siteseeing thing so we just went to the iSite and got some information. We were in Dunedin to visit Kerry, another Irish friend of mine. We had a few hours to kill before she finished work so we hung out around the beach for a while where we met John from sweded and Malin (again!). Being pretty tired the rest of the evening was spent catching up with Kerry as I hadn't met her in 6 1/2 years. Great to catch up though.

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