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Leaving Auckland

Since the last update we've moved on from Auckland and we've been in Taupo for the last 10 days.
On the way down to Taupo we passed through a place called Tirau, not a place I had ever heard of but I had been told to take a picture of the shepherd, dog and sheep!?!
The photo's say it all I think.

All in all Taupo is a pretty good place to visit, it is a town on the shore of a huge lake, aptly named lake Taupo. Everything you could need for sport is here, there is sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing on the lake. There are 3 ski fields within a 2 hour drive and numerous rivers to paddle within the same distance. If that cannot keep you going you can parachute jump or bungee jump. If watching sport suits you better then there is even a motor race track and a cycling race track just outside the town too. After all that to do there's some natural hotsprings in the area, they are a bit strange to most of us, it is literally a hotwater stream flowing out of the ground, I knew volcanoes had to be good for something.

We haven't just been talking about doing all this stuff. In the last week we've been to the natural hot springs, gone zorbing ( gone lugeing (a kind of go-kart thing) taken a ride on a skyline, all in nearby Rotorua and for some relaxation we went sailing on Lake taupo. For those of ye who never heard of a zorb, it is a big plastic ball that you jump into and roll down a hill inside of, to add to the fun they throw in a load of water to make sure you get wet and cannot even attempt to stand up inside it, the video from inside the zorb will follow as soon as I edit it.

From here we've visited the city of Napier on the east coast. Napier is world renowned as an art deco city, not that I knew that before coming to NZ. In 1931 Napier was completely destroyed by a huge earthquake in which 258 people were killed, instead of just rebuilding the city as it had been they people set about if rebuilding a new city in the Art Deco style, if you want to know more goto

As it is currently springtime here the snow resorts have just closed, so hearing that the mountain was open on Thursday we headed up the mountain in search of some snowboarding, unfortunately contrary to radio reports all was closed, but we got a nice picture of Mt Ngaurahoe. This mountain featured in the film The Last Samurai as a substitute for Mt Fuji in Japan. It’s also a dormant volcanoe that belches out some hot stuff every now and then.

That about sums it for now, we are moving on from here in the next few days, not sure where we will be going yet but keep watching.

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