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First Stop Kuala Lumpur

After much talk and leaving parties we finally left Ireland on our travels, first stop Kuala Lumpur. I guess one big city is much the same as the next, you've got the big buildings and the historics sites to see. So far here we've seen teh Petronas Twin towers, the tallest towers in the world. Unfortunately the public only get to go as high as the skybridge which joins the 2 towers at floors 41 & 42, there's a good view though.

Much better to see is the KL Tower, where you can go to the 2nd floor from the top for the observation deck, or better still go to the top floor where there's a rotating restaurant. We went for lunch there, which was kinda funny 'cos the women at the desk told me I had to dress myself before I could go in, what she meant was no shorts allowed, soon remedied. The best bit about the food, it's an all you can eat buffet with a choice of Western or Asian food for starters, main course and dessert! Needless to say they were happy to see us go :)

Probably the worst thing about this city is the humidty, the day we arrived it was 24 celcius at 7:30 in the morning, and humidity up at 95%. As soon as you walk outside your clothes are soaked with sweat. The weather is changing though, as I write we're in the middle of a thunderstorm.

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