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Re-organisation information: The Limerick School of Arms is merging with the newly founded University of Limerick Fencing Club. The Limerick School of Arms will act as a working group within the new club

Please contact us if you are interested in when we will resume classes

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"Urbs Antiqua Fuit Studiisque Asperrima Belli"
(an ancient city well versed in the arts of war)

Limerick School of Arms

Providing instruction in the fine art of fencing since 2003

Part of Classical Fencing Ireland

The Limerick School of Arms is the only dedicated fencing facility in Ireland. Initially it will be concerned with teaching Foil of the Classical French school and is the only school in the country that teaches how to fence.

At the Limerick School of Arms we practice fencing according to how it was fenced when it was still preparation for the duel.
Essentially we fence under the proviso that no action be taken that would not be undertaken were we fencing with sharps.

Tuition at the school aims to draw out the individual style of each fencer to give them a manner of fencing that they are comfortable with and that is a clear experssion of their personality.

As it is a martial art it takes a number of weeks training before one is up to a standard where one can free fence, and one should never be expected to fence before one is ready.

The first lesson is free.

NOTICE: New Class times, see Classes

NOTICE: Positions are available at the Limerick School of Arms, if you are interested please e-mail Neville Gawley at for further information.