Saturday, 9th May (Mark) 

Saturday night and we're rocking the house.

Its been so long since I've posted anything here, but this trip to Boston is making me take a decent amount of photos for the first time in ages.

The excitement of it all.


The Red Hat global meeting was an interesting experience. So many of the discussions, speeches and various bits and pieces happening around the place made me realize just how deeply rooted open source is in Red Hat's culture.

Free (as in water)


On the Sunday they carted us off on a 2 hour bus ride to somewhere by the sea to play your typical corporate team building games. Funnily enough, though, it was actually good fun.

Colin building our mellon buggy thing


Daniel, Caolán, Alex and I then headed up to Boston and we've been having a bit of a laugh together.

Daniel has taken on the role of chef, chauffeur and babysitter with us. Its good to have an old timer around to look after us :-)

Right now he's sitting here debugging libxml, muttering to himself with a mix of french with and phrases like "no shit sherlock". Hmm.

Papa Daniel


Alex has gone home now and deserted us.



I've learned more about Open Office in the last week than I ever needed to know. A special kind of patience is required to work on that beast, it seems. Rather him than me ...



Boston has surprised me a bit. Parts (the not sprawling subarban parts) are actually quite pretty. We spent hours and hours today wandering around the MIT museum of science.



I've seen some rather strange things here, though.

Exhibit No. 1 - Seth. If he calls me an elf one more time, prepare to mourn the demise of our beloved designer.

Looney Tunes Seth


At first I was shocked by this contraption which Jonathan claims is a keyboard. At least its qwerty, though. Seth has the exact same keyboard mapped to dvorak.

Jonathan's keyboard


This pub in Boston provided some amusement. We didn't half look like stupid tourists standing outside it taking photos.

Red Hat, the pub


The other warning on this bike was "No Fat Birds Allowed". Hmm.

Seen on a bike in Salem

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